Unstable Pakistan Prepared To Fight India?

24 01 2009

Pakistan is not only disturbing the economy and the harmony with the neighbouring democratic countries like India and Nepal but also gaining a bad name for itself. If we look at the economical status of Pakistan in the present context, we will see that it is not even prepared to feed its military for two days in the time of war and it is talking of war. What an irony! Their intention is clear for one and all to see. Had the state wanted to spread peace, it would have helped India fight against terror. When New Delhi gave the list of 20 most wanted terrorists, Pakistan first denied that they had taken shelter there and now that there are clear evidences proving the fact, Pak  Prez blatantly refuses to extradite them. This when, Pakistan has emerged as a strategic ally of the United States in the “war on terror. They say that they will tackle the current situation in their own way.

“Pakistan is at the center of gathering firestorm engulfing south and central Asia in the most volatile confrontation since 9/11” says yaleglobal.yale.edu.

Pakistan’s 40% population is employed in Agriculture and poultry farming, the mainstay of economy of Pakistan. Cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, and tobacco are the chief crops. Now the scene has been a bit disturbed with the global recession, situation is very gloomy across the nation.
Despite of the fact that it is the third largest recipient of U.S. aid in the world, seeing the current meltdown it seeks hope from Dubai, United Arab Emirates for monetary aid to combat the recession with war looming large on it. On the other hand, Dubai is trying its best to bring the situation to normalcy with negotiation with India.

If you believe the reports from a leading website abcnews.go.com Pakistan’s current deficit soared to $14 billion this year, threatening to prevent the country from being able to pay its foreign debts. Twenty-four percent inflation in the cities — and even higher in rural areas — has made everyday items, especially food, unaffordable for many Pakistanis.

In the last year, 10 million people have become malnourished and now nearly half the country can be considered food insecure, according to the United Nations. The deepening economic crisis, in addition to a huge deficiency of electricity, comes during a time when Pakistan’s security has never been worse. Dr. Bengali, a veteran economist fears the country might be in the risk of defaulting.

“The danger of default will be hovering over the country’s economy if Islamabad remains unable to inject much-needed dollar inflows into the rapidly depleting national kitty,” he warned.

 “Because of our strategic location and the nuclear program, the international powers will not let us default. However, we canno totally depend on that. We have to see in long term.”

While browsing through the website specially meant for Pakistan and its affairs, I found one website called Islamonline.net. I have read some disheartening facts about the current economical balance of the country. Lets believe the website, it says Economic woes have plunged millions of families in the South Asian Muslim country of 170 million below the poverty line. According to government statistics, poverty rate currently stands at 28 percent while independent estimates put it at 40 percent. 

The World Bank and the UN Development Program (UNDP) classify nearly one-quarter of the population as poor. The UN World Food Program (WFP) warns that about 77 million Pakistanis are food insecure, a 28 percent increase from last year. According to government statistics, the consumer price index was nearly 22 percent higher in June than a year earlier.

A kilogram of flour now costs 22 rupees, 70 percent up from last year, while a 49-rupee bag of rice is 123 percent dearer.

The story does not end here…I will continue (Lack of time)

Saurabh Verma




3 responses

14 02 2009

Saurabh is very intuitive and sublime in expressing his view.

It is obvious that Pakistan is in great peril, the fear of its nuclear arsenal being compromised is the greatest danger to the entire world, and India is on the forefront. One does not have to be an analyst to figure out why Pakistan has spiraled out of control and the core reason is the unchanged feudal and tribal society, which still is fiercely protected and practiced across that country.
All its present and past political leaders have always come from rich land owners, whose unbridled power and influence has never been checked or controlled. Though most of their current crop of leaders, including the current President had received western education, but the tremendous desire to be in power had always led them to cover themselves with the blanket of Islam.
General Zia ul Haq was a highly educated man and no leader can come any close to him for turning Pakistan into a hardline Islamic state. His implementation of the Hooded laws in 21st century world though popular with Muslim nations started the chain reaction of Islamic fundamentalism.
One can fill pages after pages blaming Pakistan for everything. However, one must not forget the role of the big US of “A”, whose sheer shortsightedness is also a major factor for the present state of Pakistan. The weapons which were sold to by them has always been used against India. It is hard to imagine, United States of America the world’s greatest proponent of Democracy never actually supported India until now for its own interest. Democracy and secularism in this part of a world has always been very difficult to sustain and still we have preserved with few hiccups along the way.
Let’s just assume that the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan is secured, but has anyone thought about what will happen when the country will disintegrate into small fragments. Imagine the hordes of refugees fleeing in different direction. It will be a humanitarian catastrophe of biblical proportion and again India will be on the forefront. “GOD HELP US ALL”.

16 02 2009
Piyush Dixit

This is fine that if we go into history we will find many faces who are behind Pakistan’s present situation….. and if we want to name them why only America … the real face is of England who after America’s independence realized the power of new independent nations… after the second world war…. America was the world power once ruled by Britisher’s. Britishers realised and went away leaving Indian partisioned with never ending fights between two one-land nations.

However, we are not here to discuss the past we are here to realise the present situtions between two nations…. if Pakistan was backed by America then India i.e. we were backed by Russia against non-align movement. But this doesn’t mean we lost our senses and were directed by Russia against America……….On the ohter hand India maintaining her harmony from time to time took assistance from both the nations.

I agree that gravity of one changes the other but it also depends upon your own gravity that how much you are influenced.

Same is with Pakistan…. now due to World and internal business presser America is not supporting Pakistan….. But our dear Pakistan is on its way to create new way for terror on the name of jahad.

21 02 2009

Pakistan is a quintessential country, betrayed and tarnished by its own leaders. Those feudal lords who have ruled the country since decades are nothing but high headed suckers who have fed the nation the poisonous doses of religious fanatism and mindless hate for India.

A nation whose economy has gone from the ‘frying pan into the fire’ can not and will not run on these two factors.

This is a nation where small boys are given guns instead of education and where political leaders patron extrimism so that their quest for power is fuelled constantly- so what if it involves sucking blood out of poor, deprived people.

They talk of Kashmir because they DO NOT want to talk about the basic issues in the country. They promote terrorism against India because they know they can not provide employment to large , bubbling youth in their land. Voila — it works too ! And it works big time. Probably it works because nation too is directionless for the want of some serious ambition and will to go above the traps of present breed of parasitic politicians….

…..And here comes the new drama- a shameless effort to gain sympathy from the world in the name of invasion by Taliban, when actually the serpent was being fed and trained by them all !!

….. Hope there comes a day when a real messiah comes on the horizon of this poor nation who understands that spitting poison against India will not do any good to them and performs some magic for the country which is in dire need of a miracle. HOPE….

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