Fools Pact

20 02 2009

Denial and oblivious to what is happening around them has became a signature style for Pakistani establishment and it is very funny and at times sad to watch leaders of Pakistan speaking against the Taliban, sweating and scared. The recent truce between Taliban and Pakistan is as fake as a “Hookers Orgasm” or to be a bit subtle succumbing to the demands of Nazi Germany by letting them annex Czechoslovakia in thinking peace was achieved. United States as usual has not said anything strong to disturb the delicate relationship as Pakistan is nothing but a means to a shortsighted end. It seems United States has lost its capability of thinking about the big picture. Short-term gains have become their signature style. No one wants to learn from History.

It is no surprise what led to the collapse of the American economy. The greed to make a quick buck drove the “I always know what is right for the country WALL STREET” to bankruptcy. Again, a shot term gain was the mandate. The desire to win the battle rather than the war has become the new strategy and everyone knows it is not important who wins the battle but who wins the war. Is America plagued with moral shortcomings? What has happened to that great American Pride of its leaders doing the right thing? Has America forgotten the teachings of its founding fathers? I wonder what would the likes of Jefferson, Adams and Lincoln would have done right now. I ask the American leaders to read the book, which was written by JFK. Maybe in that the leaders of United States would find their Profile of Courage.

I am sure anyone who would read these comments would wonder, why in god’s name I am talking about United States when we are discussing Taliban and Pakistan Pact. The reason I am involving the United States so much is because they are all in this together. It is a strange and twisted monajetwa where all the parties distrust each other. If the Taliban take control of Pakistan and Afghanistan, do not be one bit surprised if the United States makes a deal with them. If 9/11 attacks had not originated from Afghanistan, with outmost certainty America would be making pipe line deal with them to bring natural gas from central Asia. They would not even think for a second the crimes and atrocities committed by the Taliban in the name of god and Islam. It would surely have been “Business as usual”.

Balaji Subramanian.         

Brave New Word

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