Exploring Terrorism

11 03 2009
As British daily ‘Daily Telegraph’ reported -‘Helmets and pads aren’t enough protection any more. Machineguns are the order of the day. It might be bullet-proof glass on buses next,’, it is for sure that the terror attacks on six Srilankan cricketers in Pakistan have changed world cricket and nothing will be the same for players or officials.

One can be sure there is a different feeling every time a player steps on a team bus after the attack. Players have been shaken by what happened and are reconsidering where they will be willing to play cricket in the future.

Mahela Jayawardene – cut to ankle, minor injuries
Kumar Sangakkara – shrapnel cut to shoulder, minor injuries
Ajantha Mendis shrapnel wound to back, minor injuries
Tharanga Paranavithana – shrapnel wound to his chest, minor injuries but went to hospital
Thilan Samaraweera – worst injured with what appeared to be a shrapnel wound to his leg.
Taken to hospital, but not seriously wounded
Paul Farbrace- (assistant coach) – shrapnel wound to his arm, minor injuries

For several terrifying minutes on March 3, the Sri Lankan cricket team lay helpless, under siege by a band of gunmen armed with assault rifles, grenades and rockets who ambushed their convoy outside the cricket stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The attack killed six police officers and a car driver and wounded seven of the athletes, an umpire and one of Sri Lanka’s coaches. 

Though other teams had refused to play in Pakistan, fearing the escalating chaos caused by Islamic insurgents, Sri Lanka agreed after being assured its most cherished sportsmen would receive the same level of security accorded a visiting head of state.

Watching different channels and looking at the footage of the attack, it is clear that religious fundamentalists may have struck yet again. They were armed with hand grenades, rocket launchers, modern rifles and other sophisticated weapons apparently they were with a small beard and looked to belong to Pushtoon origin. 

The government is claiming that they were able to save the Sri Lankan team and I remain shocked to hear the top Lahore police officers saying that there were no security lapses then one has to wonder how such a disaster could have been orchestrated amid a tight security situation. The team was assured a high-level security protocol, which should have ideally resembled a mile long blockade as witnessed during the VVIP movement of dignitaries. But 12 gun totting individuals making an ambush on the Cricket teams motorcade means a massive security lapse on the part of the local administration.

And it was not at all surprising to see the sheer force with which lunatic leaders of Pakistan are the blame game. There is mounting evidence that these attacks were perpetrated by locals, and were clearly intended to humiliate the Pakistani government and terrorize the population. These idiots first said that India orchestrated the attack in Mumbai, and now they are saying that India did this as ‘revenge’. Why the hell would India want revenge for something it did itself? That there is not a single anchor sharp or educated enough to point out these gaping holes in their shameless jingoistic ‘logic’ is disappointing, to be mild.

To save their face, now at least the shameless leaders should show some degree of honesty and do a proper investigation in the case. 

Sumi  and Saurabh Verma 


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