Lost Her Husband to a Whore

19 03 2013

On way to my office, I witnessed something strange –interesting or agonizing, not sure-, a woman in a shabby salwar suite without a dupatta went berserk. She was uttering high range of expletives while trotting on the road. There was a series of make-shift houses around at the Car market lane in sec 16, NOIDA. She donned a pink ragged salwar suite with broken pieces of bricks in her hands. She held the bricks as if she was looking for someone to attack. She was moving around the place within the slum frills. All of a sudden she ran to a car that was parked near the slum, merely 2 meters away from her. She began thrashing the windshield with the brick and broke that. While doing so, she bruised her wrist so badly that it started oozing blood.

She went on sabotaging the glasses of several cars parked around. I enquired to one of the onlookers as he seemed to be local. He informed that the girl did the same thing last night and was beaten by car owners with punches and kicks. The husband of the lady was seeing another lady of the slum and that disturbed her as she was lonely. The story does not sound very torturous the way the onlooker described, but the way the lady frenziedly broke glasses, unaware of public attention and blood seeping wrist was telling a different story …

Someone dialed 100… 

By Saurabh Verma Manul


Mumbai Bleeds Again…

26 05 2012

Just a few days back, as Mumbai was combating its fiercest battle ever,  I was going through an article written by Suketu Mehta, celebrated author of `Maximum city: Bombay lost and found’ and his words `my city was attacked because it has wealth’ itched in my mind, perhaps forever. He has summed up the intention behind the mindless attacks very correctly.

Can not forget another passing comment when I heard a colleague of mine saying `Mumbai was always referred as safest metropolitan in the country. `Nazar’ lag gayi is shehar ko..”, how true I thought once again.

In the unique kind of terrorist attack that made Mumbai bleed and rest of the nation shudder in anguish and shock, what has been exposed is the fact that how vulnerable as a nation we are. Ten determined jihadist come armed with tons of sophisticated arms and ammunitions, get off shore at the most happening city in India, target most famous landmarks of commercial hub of the country and kill hundreds of unaware, innocent people in one of the cruelest attacks recorded in the history. Bravo… but how do we react in turn is that we send our trained guards to confront assailants and while they are fighting without caring for their lives our shameless politicians and policy makers are busy playing dirtiest of politics and their favorite-blame game. `Shame’, this is the word that would come in your mind when you think of the present status.

Hotels Tajmahal Palace and Oberoi Trident, housing complex Nariman House, CST station and a taxi were badly hit by terrorists in a brutal series of attack killing hundreds and injuring even more number of people. But it were not only those who actually died faced the tragedy of death, as they say `death is not a tragedy for those who die, it’s a tragedy for those who are left behind and doomed to suffer.’   

While one can not stop shaking and marveling at the same time at the well executed, chilling and mind-numbing multiple attacks that were carried by Pakistan-based terrorists, even more painful feeling is the fact that it has ruthlessly exposed our vulnerability and lackluster policy or rather lack of it.  

In times when even biggest of disasters fail to move many as immunity to terror and tragedy is on an all time high, these kind of incidences make one sit back and wonder the basic philosophies of life- death can struck you even when you are dining with your wife in choicest of your restaurant or when you are waiting for a train to reach back home to your waiting kids.. Worse still this death is gifted to you by those animals who are doing it without any reason, just because innocent blood quenches their insatiable thirst. Maybe!   

But no Indian is ready to take this anymore I am sure neither is this soft stand going to work. Those in power should curse themselves when they see their bloody faces in mirror every morning because as it was rated – this attack was not intelligence failure. This was political failure and was caused because the spineless leaders sitting in parliament can not decide how to combat terrorism and tackle the situation.

If they cannot take a tough stand this time, they have no right to be in chair.

In the meantime, it will take a long time for the country in general and Mumbai in particular to get over the trauma. Even if the injuries go, scars will remain….
Note: The article was originally posted in a different WordPress Blog of mine in 2008. I have moved this article here as I am going to delete that Blog.

Saurabh Verma, Manul & Sumi



24 05 2012

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A Crippled Government and its fiasco!!

12 09 2011

                                                                         Blast At High Court in New Delhi

Do you know any government who is so lethargic and a laid back like the Indian Government? Indian government should now admit the commonly known fact that she is not capable of handling terrorism in India. Blast after blast has made this country go on knees before the extremists, the Pakistanis and the Talibanis and this country is ready to bow its head before them. It is not a question whether it should do or not…the fact is known to them, therefore they are repeatedly making this possible. When a huge amount is being splurged on combating terrorism, why is the government not taking stringent action against this. Think of a situation; had it happened in Ram Lila Maidan while Anna’s protest or Ramdev Baba’s meet, what would have been the situation then. Hundreds of families would have been wrecked and havoc would have been all in air. Clamor, scream and screeches would have remained in atmosphere with incapable police and army personnel at work with sniffers and hounds all around, flashing sirens, media flashing their cameras everywhere trying to get the most-heart-wrenching photo of the day, some eye witnesses giving interview to the news starved reporters, would have been the common situations on all the running TV channels.

Why is that, there is no attack since the 9/11 in US and the London metro blast in UK? Why are ‘they’ capable of escorting their people and we fail miserably? But, yesterday’s attack at Delhi High Court at gate #5 is horrifying and an example of loopholes in security arrangements that too at a place which is known for granting justice to innocents. How will the innocent people killed in the attack be paid justice to? Who will take responsibility for their death? No One. That’s the answer. Just look at the confidence of US, on the anniversary of 9/11, they have pinned the faith in their people by assuring them of no other such attacks in future and showing them the power of US by quoting “ we are ready to destabilize all our enemies now and in future”.

We need to work upon this as soon as possible or be ready to face more of such horrific and disturbing situations. We have been talking about this and some of us only see news in the TV channels about the attack and people being killed in such gory activities, but they do not do anything against this, because no one from their family was ever entrapped in such situations or was killed in any terrorist attack. Indian government is like a maimed servant handling everything with one hand only and so many works do at a time, hence they are unable to handle all “in” time.

Its time to go on DHARNAs and ANSANS, we need more Annas and JPs to fight and raise voice against this government. We need safer and cleaner India. The government should persevere and emerge as a bellwether for other nations who are struggling with in-house and guest extremism.

Saurabh Verma, Manul

Maoists a Threat to Internal Security of India

13 09 2010
 How long will it go? There should be a strong system to protect and suppress the emerging power of the Rebels against the Government. Maoists abducted four Policemen after killing 7 and injuring 10 in a 7 hours gun battle and this Gunfight was in retaliation to the open fire on Azad, one of their Leaders. Ironically, the national rebels call the policemen as ‘Rebels’.

This is not a new case, number of similar sorts of cases had happened in past. Now the question stands here” How is the Game Plan made?” Where are all the security strategies? Why do not we have a perfect mechanism to suppress such destructive sentiments before they below out their unformatted brains. Its sheer painful to know that the successful attempt to curb terrorism has been demoralized by such actions. Some precious well trained policemen are abducted by the terrorists in order to get their Master Maoists released. This casts a question mark on the government’s ability to handle crime and terrorism in Bihar, or rather India. Actually, this has become a trend in India to get the things approved by the ruling Government by abducting government people/high jacking Planes/trains

If we look at the history, the first skyjacking was done with intension to get one of the members of the revolutionary group released in February 21, 1931 in Arequipa, Peru. There have been more than 500 high jacking cases since then. Maoists have recently learnt this art and have taken this fashion to an extreme. If we look at the Chronology of Maoist attacks in India Published by ‘Hindustan Times’, more than 400 government security forces of different departments have been killed,  mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand, MP, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra. The worst was the case when 75 Policemen were killed in a jungle (in April, 2010 and in June, 2009) at least 38 members of an anti-Maoist force killed in a Maoist attack in Orissa.

It’s almost everyday’s news that Maoist rebels gun down some cops in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand. I fail to understand why the state governments and the central government are not taking substantial steps to fix it once and for all. Untrained forces were sent to petrol in the jungles of Chhattisgarh and in turn lost their lives.

India is making strategies to combat terrorism but India must understand that terrorism from outside is less lethal than the one within the nation. Naxalism and Maoism have become the biggest threat before the nation and that needs to be taken seriously first.

India is taking number of measures to curb this menace but those are not enough and full proof, as the Maoists are well training and equipped. They have a strong network and good communication. India is facing three major problems- one is Naxalism/Maoism, insurgency in Northeast and terrorism from Jihadi elements. Indian home minister P. Chidambaram rejected the proposed military action to curb the problem of internal security saying, “Yes, Naxalism is becoming a national threat to our internal security but the situation is under control and we are in a state to tackle the situation anytime but we will not do.”  As per him, Governments have to survive and get re-elected as well as the policymakers have to factor in all these before deciding on any issue. I think it’s a shame to have those words from a dignitary like him.

Let’s hope and wait, when Chidambaram is going to take an action on that. Good job and well wishes, Chidambaram!!!

Saurabh and Sumi Verma


3 05 2009

She was a teenage girl, barely 17. Clad in a dark blue burka and red salwar kameez, she was held down by two men, her face rubbing in the dirt. A third man in a black turban whippped her lower back more than 30 times in a minute and a half, while she kept screaming in her teenage voice out of terror and pain.

“Stop. It’s killing me.” “For God’s sake, stop,” she sobbed. “I swear on my father and grandmother I won’t do it again.”

She was a girl in remote Swat valley in Pakistan. Her fault was that she hosted a man in her house and slept with him, allegedly. No proofs or evidences were required. But Taliban pronounced its judgment and the girls, and thousand others were given an example of what `crossing a boundary’ would mean for women in the region.

Welcome to Taliban ruled Swat valley. Brutality has got a new meaning here. Not only Pakistan but entire world listened to her screams, probably a month after she underwent the cruel and humiliating punishment. But unfortunately this is probably only the beginning, dooms days might follow..

Swat was a garden of Ashoka and was prosperous land in the Buddhist time. It was a very peaceful place known for its beauty. If one sees Swat today, there is no sign of peace in the valley everything has been washed away. The people are living through the most miserable phase of its history. No doubt, the valley has witnessed invasions, turbulence and chaos from the time of Alexander’s invasion in 327 BC to the formation of Swat state in 1917 and now Taliban.

The provincial government agreed in February to let Islamists impose sharia law in Swat in exchange for peace. Critics said appeasement would only embolden the militants who aim to take over other areas. Pakistan’s Western allies fear pacts create safe havens for Taliban and al-Qa’ida fighters. And their fears are coming true as Taliban is out on street, all in the role of both judge and executioner.

One website quoted as saying, “Pakistan has admitted that it was compelled to ink a peace deal with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) because it faltered in its bid to counter the increasing extremism in the Swat Valley”.

Most of Pakistan’s 160 million people are conservative but moderate and most of them seem to shudder in fear looking at the heinous and relentless acts hardliners have started doing.

Swat was one of Pakistan’s main tourist destinations with mountain hikes, Buddhist ruins and skiing in the winter until a couple of years ago when militants infiltrated from enclaves on the Afghan border to support a radical cleric.

Militants attacked security forces and assassinated numerous opponents while banning girls from classes and destroying more than 200 schools. The military mounted offensives to push the militants out of the valley but they just slipped back when fighting eased.

Pakistani officials argue that many residents of the Swat Valley, which only became part of Pakistan in 1969, have long demanded Sharia law because of the weakness of the secular state judicial system.

It is also likely to reinforce fears that the militants are now using Swat, which is just 100 miles from the Pakistani capital, as a base to spread their ideology and launch terrorist attacks deeper within Pakistan. Probably this is what they call the quintessential `jungle raaj’, which is looking entire Pakistan in face.

One website quoted saying “Pakistan has admitted that it was compelled to ink a peace deal with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) because it faltered in its bid to counter the increasing extremism in the Swat Valley”.

Swat was a garden of Ashoka and was prosperous land in the Buddhist time. It was a very peaceful place known for its beauty. If one sees Swat today, there is no sign of peace in the valley everything has been washed away. The people are living through the most miserable phase of its history. No doubt, the valley has witnessed invasions, turbulence and chaos from the time of Alexander’s invasion in 327 BC to the formation of Swat state in 1917 and now Taliban.

Sumi and Saurabh Verma (manul)

Exploring Terrorism

11 03 2009
As British daily ‘Daily Telegraph’ reported -‘Helmets and pads aren’t enough protection any more. Machineguns are the order of the day. It might be bullet-proof glass on buses next,’, it is for sure that the terror attacks on six Srilankan cricketers in Pakistan have changed world cricket and nothing will be the same for players or officials.

One can be sure there is a different feeling every time a player steps on a team bus after the attack. Players have been shaken by what happened and are reconsidering where they will be willing to play cricket in the future.

Mahela Jayawardene – cut to ankle, minor injuries
Kumar Sangakkara – shrapnel cut to shoulder, minor injuries
Ajantha Mendis shrapnel wound to back, minor injuries
Tharanga Paranavithana – shrapnel wound to his chest, minor injuries but went to hospital
Thilan Samaraweera – worst injured with what appeared to be a shrapnel wound to his leg.
Taken to hospital, but not seriously wounded
Paul Farbrace- (assistant coach) – shrapnel wound to his arm, minor injuries

For several terrifying minutes on March 3, the Sri Lankan cricket team lay helpless, under siege by a band of gunmen armed with assault rifles, grenades and rockets who ambushed their convoy outside the cricket stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The attack killed six police officers and a car driver and wounded seven of the athletes, an umpire and one of Sri Lanka’s coaches. 

Though other teams had refused to play in Pakistan, fearing the escalating chaos caused by Islamic insurgents, Sri Lanka agreed after being assured its most cherished sportsmen would receive the same level of security accorded a visiting head of state.

Watching different channels and looking at the footage of the attack, it is clear that religious fundamentalists may have struck yet again. They were armed with hand grenades, rocket launchers, modern rifles and other sophisticated weapons apparently they were with a small beard and looked to belong to Pushtoon origin. 

The government is claiming that they were able to save the Sri Lankan team and I remain shocked to hear the top Lahore police officers saying that there were no security lapses then one has to wonder how such a disaster could have been orchestrated amid a tight security situation. The team was assured a high-level security protocol, which should have ideally resembled a mile long blockade as witnessed during the VVIP movement of dignitaries. But 12 gun totting individuals making an ambush on the Cricket teams motorcade means a massive security lapse on the part of the local administration.

And it was not at all surprising to see the sheer force with which lunatic leaders of Pakistan are the blame game. There is mounting evidence that these attacks were perpetrated by locals, and were clearly intended to humiliate the Pakistani government and terrorize the population. These idiots first said that India orchestrated the attack in Mumbai, and now they are saying that India did this as ‘revenge’. Why the hell would India want revenge for something it did itself? That there is not a single anchor sharp or educated enough to point out these gaping holes in their shameless jingoistic ‘logic’ is disappointing, to be mild.

To save their face, now at least the shameless leaders should show some degree of honesty and do a proper investigation in the case. 

Sumi  and Saurabh Verma 

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