Saurabh Verma, Manul

Hi, I am Saurabh Verma (Manul). A level-headed, vivacious, flamboyant, swarthy, sturdy man in mid twenties-cruising through life with aplomb. Confident, compassionate and articulate, I put the part of poetry because, yes, I identify with it. It’s tough writing about yourself without being narcissist. Yet I love doing it, for I have always loved doing things that have not been easy and well, very convenient of sort. I enjoy putting myself up on toes, and head over heels too, sometimes.
If you look at me, the first thing that you are going to notice is…. Its better you decide. But I can guarantee you one thing, mine is a pleasing and beguiling appearance, all welcoming and receiving. And believe me; I have this idiosyncrasy of establishing an instant camaraderie with persons who reach across zone of my vast wavelength. Looks are deceptive, they say, for me, they do not even matter (I mean it).  So naturally I do not get any kick going over the board explaining it, more so when it’s me who is put up for dissection. Its better I tell you something deeper- you could say it- inside out.

 I am a comfortable person to be with and do not like to permit anyone to palm off a pretence or indulge in a bombast. Hardly do I deviate from my smooth and imperturbable manners with somewhat good acumen. I have untiring energy for dancing and partying and unending supply of stories to regale people around me.  Like a regular youth, I spend my time working, hanging out with friends, staring at bimbettes once in a while and looking out for ways to turn monotony of daily chores with something productive and learning things through virtual world of internet. I love exploring.

Exploring new things, ideas, worlds and most of all- people. It’s them who are the simplest yet most complicated step to venture up the ladder of higher consciousness and understanding. I love travelling and I think it is also because it gives the opportunity to broaden your horizons and look beyond what you have hitherto known and seen.

Some people are not very comfortable meeting those who are strange, new. I do not have any prejudice against those who are not part of my world and whose level of contemplation does not coincide with me. I believe in sharing. I believe in freshness. Fresh air and fresh perspective.

I am someone who loves vividness and intensity of life and meanwhile taking the pulse of reverberating world whose breathe also dances in tandem with mine.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and it feels great to succumb to the pressure of voicing out in- your-face opinions. I am the one who would not mind shouting from the rooftop to express for a cause or issue that touches my life in any way.

I am a complete extrovert and honest too, those who know me, tell me. I speak and do things that I think, I should. For mine is a constant love affair with life and this world- fizzing with life. I believe one must express ideas and opinions regarding issues touching one’s life and express we must about anything and everything under the sun. So SPEAK OUT guys. Enjoy.


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9 11 2009

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5 02 2010
Saurabh Verma

Thank you GotBypeUttere. I will make sure to update as frequently as possible. You can also visit my other sites as well: and

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