Maoists a Threat to Internal Security of India

13 09 2010
 How long will it go? There should be a strong system to protect and suppress the emerging power of the Rebels against the Government. Maoists abducted four Policemen after killing 7 and injuring 10 in a 7 hours gun battle and this Gunfight was in retaliation to the open fire on Azad, one of their Leaders. Ironically, the national rebels call the policemen as ‘Rebels’.

This is not a new case, number of similar sorts of cases had happened in past. Now the question stands here” How is the Game Plan made?” Where are all the security strategies? Why do not we have a perfect mechanism to suppress such destructive sentiments before they below out their unformatted brains. Its sheer painful to know that the successful attempt to curb terrorism has been demoralized by such actions. Some precious well trained policemen are abducted by the terrorists in order to get their Master Maoists released. This casts a question mark on the government’s ability to handle crime and terrorism in Bihar, or rather India. Actually, this has become a trend in India to get the things approved by the ruling Government by abducting government people/high jacking Planes/trains

If we look at the history, the first skyjacking was done with intension to get one of the members of the revolutionary group released in February 21, 1931 in Arequipa, Peru. There have been more than 500 high jacking cases since then. Maoists have recently learnt this art and have taken this fashion to an extreme. If we look at the Chronology of Maoist attacks in India Published by ‘Hindustan Times’, more than 400 government security forces of different departments have been killed,  mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand, MP, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra. The worst was the case when 75 Policemen were killed in a jungle (in April, 2010 and in June, 2009) at least 38 members of an anti-Maoist force killed in a Maoist attack in Orissa.

It’s almost everyday’s news that Maoist rebels gun down some cops in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand. I fail to understand why the state governments and the central government are not taking substantial steps to fix it once and for all. Untrained forces were sent to petrol in the jungles of Chhattisgarh and in turn lost their lives.

India is making strategies to combat terrorism but India must understand that terrorism from outside is less lethal than the one within the nation. Naxalism and Maoism have become the biggest threat before the nation and that needs to be taken seriously first.

India is taking number of measures to curb this menace but those are not enough and full proof, as the Maoists are well training and equipped. They have a strong network and good communication. India is facing three major problems- one is Naxalism/Maoism, insurgency in Northeast and terrorism from Jihadi elements. Indian home minister P. Chidambaram rejected the proposed military action to curb the problem of internal security saying, “Yes, Naxalism is becoming a national threat to our internal security but the situation is under control and we are in a state to tackle the situation anytime but we will not do.”  As per him, Governments have to survive and get re-elected as well as the policymakers have to factor in all these before deciding on any issue. I think it’s a shame to have those words from a dignitary like him.

Let’s hope and wait, when Chidambaram is going to take an action on that. Good job and well wishes, Chidambaram!!!

Saurabh and Sumi Verma


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