A Crippled Government and its fiasco!!

12 09 2011

                                                                         Blast At High Court in New Delhi

Do you know any government who is so lethargic and a laid back like the Indian Government? Indian government should now admit the commonly known fact that she is not capable of handling terrorism in India. Blast after blast has made this country go on knees before the extremists, the Pakistanis and the Talibanis and this country is ready to bow its head before them. It is not a question whether it should do or not…the fact is known to them, therefore they are repeatedly making this possible. When a huge amount is being splurged on combating terrorism, why is the government not taking stringent action against this. Think of a situation; had it happened in Ram Lila Maidan while Anna’s protest or Ramdev Baba’s meet, what would have been the situation then. Hundreds of families would have been wrecked and havoc would have been all in air. Clamor, scream and screeches would have remained in atmosphere with incapable police and army personnel at work with sniffers and hounds all around, flashing sirens, media flashing their cameras everywhere trying to get the most-heart-wrenching photo of the day, some eye witnesses giving interview to the news starved reporters, would have been the common situations on all the running TV channels.

Why is that, there is no attack since the 9/11 in US and the London metro blast in UK? Why are ‘they’ capable of escorting their people and we fail miserably? But, yesterday’s attack at Delhi High Court at gate #5 is horrifying and an example of loopholes in security arrangements that too at a place which is known for granting justice to innocents. How will the innocent people killed in the attack be paid justice to? Who will take responsibility for their death? No One. That’s the answer. Just look at the confidence of US, on the anniversary of 9/11, they have pinned the faith in their people by assuring them of no other such attacks in future and showing them the power of US by quoting “ we are ready to destabilize all our enemies now and in future”.

We need to work upon this as soon as possible or be ready to face more of such horrific and disturbing situations. We have been talking about this and some of us only see news in the TV channels about the attack and people being killed in such gory activities, but they do not do anything against this, because no one from their family was ever entrapped in such situations or was killed in any terrorist attack. Indian government is like a maimed servant handling everything with one hand only and so many works do at a time, hence they are unable to handle all “in” time.

Its time to go on DHARNAs and ANSANS, we need more Annas and JPs to fight and raise voice against this government. We need safer and cleaner India. The government should persevere and emerge as a bellwether for other nations who are struggling with in-house and guest extremism.

Saurabh Verma, Manul


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