Lost Her Husband to a Whore

19 03 2013

On way to my office, I witnessed something strange –interesting or agonizing, not sure-, a woman in a shabby salwar suite without a dupatta went berserk. She was uttering high range of expletives while trotting on the road. There was a series of make-shift houses around at the Car market lane in sec 16, NOIDA. She donned a pink ragged salwar suite with broken pieces of bricks in her hands. She held the bricks as if she was looking for someone to attack. She was moving around the place within the slum frills. All of a sudden she ran to a car that was parked near the slum, merely 2 meters away from her. She began thrashing the windshield with the brick and broke that. While doing so, she bruised her wrist so badly that it started oozing blood.

She went on sabotaging the glasses of several cars parked around. I enquired to one of the onlookers as he seemed to be local. He informed that the girl did the same thing last night and was beaten by car owners with punches and kicks. The husband of the lady was seeing another lady of the slum and that disturbed her as she was lonely. The story does not sound very torturous the way the onlooker described, but the way the lady frenziedly broke glasses, unaware of public attention and blood seeping wrist was telling a different story …

Someone dialed 100… 

By Saurabh Verma Manul


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